wtorek, 13 lutego 2018

Bractwo. Nowe porzadki [2.3] - część 2.

Wszyscy lubią strzelać i eliminować cele, zanim te się zbliżą, dawno już to odkryli amerykańscy naukowcy. Czy Bractwo potrafi strzelać? Oczywiście, każdy to potrafi, nawet Wilki.

Bractwo. Nowe porzadki [2.3] - część 1.

Ostatnia errata bardzo zmartwiła graczy Bractwa. Nie tylko zdusiła najpopularniejsze/ najskuteczniejsze oddziały, ale cichaczem znerfiono niektóre ze sztuczek, które to od zawsze były jednym z podstawowych narzędzi Drugiego Dyrektoriatu.

środa, 7 lutego 2018

Dealing with Demon Hunter spam

I was told recently that Demon Hunter spam is a superior Mishima build and it is beyond balance. I decided to write few words why I disagree and why I personally does not like this build at all.

wtorek, 6 lutego 2018

2.3 number of options for Mishima

New patch un-locked several new list ideas built around specific heroes. I did 10+ lists since the release but decided to share only two. Both very different from each other. First list is all about shooting. Second one is CC oriented. Both are built to benefit from two new heroes' "gifts". Hiroko's +1ST and Masaru's preemptive strike.

Nobou Hiroko +1ST for regular tambu rifles is not massive when we take Hiroko's cost into consideration. He is an expensive hero. 25 points more than i.e. Bushido Master or 30 than Hamasaki Taro (both support heroes with offensive potential). His +1 ST makes a 5% difference between failing to wound and wounding. To benefit Mishima has to commit a ton of points on tambu shots. That is why Hiroko's retinue has to be mostly light infantry. Ashigaru and Crimson Devils. There are 37 tambu in this list and 10 HMG's. Both lead and psychic. 3 ashigaru mortar teams are there to support or to set cover screens (which Hiroko's Kyudo can ignore to a certain degree). Dragonbikes and Shadow Walkers help to get table control and to slow enemy down from engaging into CC. Shadow Walkers are also a CC support but the number of Crimsons allows then to fight at close range with GR too.

I see Ki-infused ammo, +3R tactical card or Medal of Honour as something to consider in a deck for this list.

piątek, 2 lutego 2018